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DEMO4Green Chalk Turquoise Necklace

This is a unique necklace of square green Chalk Turquoise beads and round copper beads. The eye-catching necklace is graced with a collar of several Chalk Turquoise points. The necklace measures 19" long and closes with a copper S-clasp. Matching earrings of Turquoise points measure about 2-1/2" including the 14K gold-filled earwires.


DEMO1Life Force Necklace

This necklace is part of my Purposeful Synergistic Jewelry collection. The necklace is made of faceted garnet stones, round jasper gemstones, and rectangular rutilated quartz crystals. These stones lead to a faceted ruby crystal bead resting in the center of the necklace. The necklace is 19-1/2" long and closes with a 14K gold-filled lobster clasp.


DEMO LITEAmethyst Crystal Necklace

Beautiful pale Amethyst briolette faceted beads. All Amethyst! These Amethyst crystals are unmateched in their clarity and they brilliantly reflect light. The necklace measures 18" in length and closes with a 14K gold-filled lobster clasp.


DEMO2Quartz Crystal Necklace

This stunningly clear Quartz Crystal necklace is made of faceted Clear Quartz Crystal nuggets that are alternated with smaller flat faceted quartz crystal oval beads. No two faceted nuggets are alike! The focal point of the necklace is a fabulous Quartz Crystal pendant that is rimmed in sterling silver. This necklace radiates clear energy and is 20-1/2" long. Matching Clear Quartz earrings are approximately 20-1/2" long including sterling silver earwires.


TOURMALINETourmaline Necklace Set

The design of this distinctive necklace boasts faceted Tourmaline crystals of various colors: green, rubellite, pink, black, brown, and green/pink combination. In the middle rests a brilliant faceted pale pink Tourmaline crystal with a 14K gold-filed decorative wire. Between each Tourmaline crystal, there is a small rose quartz bead. This necklace exudes the energy of love, love, love! It measures 19" long and ends with a 14K gold-filled clasp. The matching earrings measure approximately 2" long.


Just Released Book, "Living in the Light"

This book, Living in the Light - Lessons and Tools For Your Spiritual Journey, was written by Susan Duncan.

The book discusses commonly faced life issues and how these issues can be dealt with in a positive, spiritual manner. The challenges and issues that Susan writes about are drawn from her own personal experiences, study, and observations. She compassionately suggests ideas and processes that she found successful in getting her through trying periods of life – or in maintaining peace, love, and joy in her life. These are the “lessons” learned and they pour forth from the heart and soul of the author. Her intention is to assist the reader in enhancing his or her life experience in the most positive way possible. [learn more]


Beautiful Handcrafted Jewelry Designs

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All these items are hand crafted jewelry designs that combine the power and beauty of natural crystals and the inspiration and creativity of the artist, Susan. Each handmade piece is a treasure designed with the tastes and spiritual needs of the wearer in mind. The beauty of these creations leaves one inspired.

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From Our Gemstone Collection


Most of the jewelry on this site features natural crystals and gemstones that have been mined from the earth. Each stone is unique in its beauty, and no two stones are alike. The stones used may exhibit distinctive shadings and sizes that add to their unique natural beauty. Although the differences may not be noticeable, please allow that differences may exist. [learn more]


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